Accelerating Monsters

Mar 20, 2022

I creatred a fun script today. I have been playing Path of Exile (PoE) on an older machine (8+ years old) and whenever a large number of monsters spawn the game hitches for a blink or two. This is bad because I cannot control my character when it happens. I often end up dead. What to do?

Well, I have found that I can copy monster bundle files to a faster drive and then create a symbolic link to these files on the slower drive. Viola! The game is more responsive when I run into a large group of monsters (like, breach or opening a strongbox).

It appears I am not the only one running PoE on a relic. I have tried to share my knowledge but the community's moderation rules are too strict.


I am now left wondering if I can create a storage engine to monitor disk access paterns and issue bulk reads ahead of time.